10 Themes Sketchbook

10 Themes Sketchbook was a academic research project. It lasted 3 months from September 2014 and its main objectives was to broaden my social and cultural awareness through in-depth research on various topics (themes) related but not neccesarily to design.

Given 10 diverse themes, for example: Graphic Design and Science, Art vs Design, Sex in Advertising, Shakespeare vs Renaissance (and more) I had to first connectem them all with one common link. For my connection link, I have selected topic of my interest: humanism.

Next step was to carry out visual research of those themes in relation to humanism and tell the narrative of this research just through images found.

As final stage of the project, I had to come out with conclusion to each theme that encapsulated whole research and conclusion thoughts in one image to each theme, which could be basically anything visually representing the conclusions. I have designed series of 10 illustrations demonstrating all conclusions I found out during whole project. You can see them below.

At the bottom of the page you can find key research imagery and my project development process.

Little presentation of few conclusion images juxtaposed together. Below you can see them in raw form.

Conclusion 1: Facebook and Google are controlling the masses because of their power and monopoly.

Theme 1: Contemporary Visualisation of Concepts.

Conclusion 2: Our vision for beauty and sex is being dictated by mass media and pornography.

Theme 2: Sex in Advertising.

Conclusion 3: We live in utopian society, where we think (we are told) that we can everything.

Theme 3: Graphic Design and Science.

Conclusion 4: We designers are able to shape and change people's lives. Just as propaganda can.

Theme 4: Fashion Elements in a Contemporary Design Project.

Conclusion 5: In these times its very easy to create art and because of that most often it doesn't have depth. Internet is cluttered with everything and it's quite difficult to find something valuable and decent.

Theme 5: Digital era / Global Village.

Conclusion 6: Art doesn't exist without design and design doesn't exist without art. They constantly collaborate as design needs artistic vulnerability and spontaneity and art needs research and thinking process.

Theme 6: Art vs Design: and the winner is…

Conclusion 7: In order to understand others you have to understand yourself first.

Theme 7: Shakespeare vs Renaissance

Conclusion 8: By juxtaposing two situations, colours, persons, personalities etc we are able to see the real - complementary image of the whole.

Theme 8: There is no blue without yellow and without orange.

Conclusion 9: Difference is beneficial and interesting.

Theme 9: LGBT

Conclusion 10: People don't change (You can't uproot an old tree)

Theme 10: Art vs Design: and the winner is…

What could be done better? After a year from designing it seems to me that most of the conclusions sound naive or without greater knowledge behind them. Most of then are just based on my personal observation, research, thinking. There are not based on scientific research or statistics. These are my statements, what I was thinking at the time of doing that project.
I especially highlighted that I was thinking that, because since doing that project my view changed a bit, not entirely, but largely. Some of the conclusions seems a bit...trivial.

What have I enjoyed, what have I learnt? Learnt a lot. One thing is certain, I'm sure that I wouldn't be able to draw such conclusions with knowledge I had at the time without conducting research. Project required from me to read a lot of articles, browse varied books, watch TED talks, and push myself to the boundaries I haven't discovered earlier. My research skills improved a lot, and thanks to that project I learnt how to connect two allegedly not related matters, or how to apply new meanings on top of old and commonplace beliefs. How to stretch my perception and beliefs and strengthen my understanding of the World and graphic design as a subject itself.

Selected development process and sketchbook shots

Click below, if you are interested how I drew all of those conclusions, what was my thinking process and development of this project.
→ All research images and analysis can be found on my archive blog from 2nd Year of Design Course. Read it here.