My stories. For you. For free.

I travel a lot and personally consider it as a essential opportunity to learn about myself, other cultures, places or people. I'm using it as a medium of seeing new compelling forms. All those unknown grounds of foreign countries, people's customs and characters fuel me with inspiration and firing desire to explore it more and find out its origins.

I crave for feeling of unfamilirity with new situation and place and then I transfer this desire onto surface of my creative pratice. Where I'm beware of mediocrity and commodity - aim for unfeasible, challenging and unusual.

By looking at my photographs you may find or notice the way I look at the world and the way I think. That enables you to jump into my head for a while (wheareas I don't recommend it for a longer time).

I'm not a professional photographer but I love narrating stories, catching moments, sharing them and then coming back to them after some time and recall some nice times.

Below you can find collection of my photographs that I share with you for free, for commercial and personal use. Let me know what do you think about them and whether I should share more.

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