We Are Not Immigrants!

The main purpose of web design I have done, and the whole project is to bring a mind shift in perceiving current Syria crisis. Unfortunately, many people don’t see the crisis like we do, in fact, they are rather see Syrian as intrusive foreings, or even worse, as invaders.

Our mission is to show that is not their choice. And to show their misleading representation in media, as they are shown as numbers rather as people. They have a choice of staying in Syria and die in name of War, or move and live, even as a wanderers. Trying to find help around.

We have decided to show their real purpose of immigration through presenting their stories. Spoken with their mouths, and indicating theirs faces, background, what might be theirs dreams or at least, what are theirs basic needs. Finally, it seems that project has a enormous chance to be successful, mostly because Syrian refugee crisis is a on-going issue which needs an intervention.

This is a group project and it's a part of Sustaibility Hub at University of Greenwich from which we received Fellowship Grant as a award and support for further development. I'm creating this project along with Rapolas Vilunas, Jack Martin, Rory Caseberry and Jake Pogson.

We Are Not Immigrants! Web Design

Landing page hero image with project logo

We Are Not Immigrants! Landing page

Landing page after scrolling down with some example stories and layout concepts.

Main purpose of website is to showcase some of the stories of Syrians, and as well to promote the exhibition which will take place 26th of January 2016 at The Crystal, Greenwich Peninsula (02 Arena) and to promote the publication which will include all stories and pictures we gathered. Entire income from publication purchase will be given to charity which helps us to meet with Syrians

We Are Not Immigrants! Background

Above you can see the background page, on which we will describe whole story of Syrian crisis and provide useful information how you can help.

We Are Not Immigrants! Store

Store page where you will be able to buy publication of Syrians' stories and support charity.

Selected development process and sketchbook shots

Website was designed with useful feedback from rest of the team. Below you can find some of the development shots. There is a lot of them in general so here you can find only few. Whole process and development of the project can be found on my design blog. Read it here.

We Are Not Immigrants! Concept

First attempt to web design. At this stage, website was supposed to be in the style of online journal hence the aesthetics.

We Are Not Immigrants! Concept

Second attempt which was improved later and confirmed as direction we want to go. Image-based design with beautiful shots and well-use of typography (except for header).

We Are Not Immigrants! Concept

Attempt to blend typography with backdrop and by that create one, impactful header image. That was later changed for large logo and bit better background photo.